How to join Helada

1: You will need a username from WordPress. If you do not have a blog at WordPress and do not want one, you can sign up here and get a username. This is what the form looks like.

2: Fill in the username you would like.

(If the username you want has been taken it does not matter.You could have a user name of “Donald Duck” but then set your nickname to whatever you like and your “Display name” to the same)

3: Fill in your email address.

4: Tick the box to agree with terms and conditions

5: Check the box that says “Just a username, please”

6: Hit NEXT>>

7: You will see this message (with your own username obviously!)

8: Go to your email inbox and retrieve the message from wordpress. It looks like this:


9: Click on the link to activate your account

10: You will recieve another email with your login details and password. Make sure you save this information.

11: You should then send Karen Lee your email address and she can then invite you to join.

12: You will recieve another email inviting you to join Helada.

How to comment

1: Once you join, you will be able to comment on any of the posts on the Helada blog.

2: At the bottom of each article is a comments link. If there are no comments yet, it will say “No Comments”.

3: Click that link

4: You will be asked to login

5: Enter your username and password

6: Write your comment and hit “Submit Comment”

7: Once you are logged in, you can comment on any number of articles you like.


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