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Congress Profiles

For information on your state's elected officials … bios, financial disclosures, and key votes for each member of Congress Advertisements

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From Center for American Progress STATE WATCH — TABOR BACKERS RESORT TO UNDERHANDED TACTICS: Across the country, right-wing activists are launching campaigns to impose a so-called "Taxpayer's Bill of Rights" (TABOR) on the states. TABOR arbitrarily caps "increases in state … Continue reading

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U.S. Learns to Live with Less Freedom

Published on Monday, June 19, 2006 by the Toronto Star / Canada Via  by Tim Harper  MANCHESTER, New Hampshire – The fierce cultural aversion to the long reach of government is emblazoned on every licence plate here, an omnipresent … Continue reading

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Who am I?

Okay, I've set up 'Setting Up' as a category where we can call post stuff like this, that has to do with getting the site up, running, and, um, reasonable. Among the reasonable things I just uncovered is that admin … Continue reading

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I haven't set up categories yet. Any suggestions?

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