The Democratic Strategist

One of the most interesting developments in the Democratic circles this year is a new on-line journal, The Democratic Strategist. Stan Greenberg, William Galston and Ruy Teixeira are behind this interesting project that has the potential of creating a much-needed long-term intellectual platform for our party. This endeavor will not play much of a role in this year’s elections or maybe even the 2012 one, but it could have a long-lasting impact on both the Democratic election and governing philosophy; let’s just hope it will not turn into an academic experiment in futility. Another risk is the potential DLC and New Democrat bias inherent as 2 of the founders are centrist Democrats, though you can also find left-wing voices in the person of Jerome Armstrong of fame and one of the contributors to this new site. Ruy Teixeira wrote a much read book, The Emerging Democratic Majority, a very hopeful and self-fulfilling prophecy for Democrats. In his book, Teixeira presents very persuasive arguments and polling data in support of his assertion….unfortunately this coming majority was derailed and delayed significantly by 9/11 and by Bush’s brilliant appropriation and manipulation of the ‘war on terror.’ Check out the first issue.



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