Who am I?

Okay, I've set up 'Setting Up' as a category where we can call post stuff like this, that has to do with getting the site up, running, and, um, reasonable.

Among the reasonable things I just uncovered is that admin can change the category of a post in the editing dialogue, by ticking on/off the desired category, in the same way you select a category when posting. Cool.

Among the unreasonable … I think that first post 'Categories' was shown under my name, until I moved it to 'Setting Up'. Then it showed as being posted by deviousdiva. Hmm. Who am I? Do I need ego work? I checked my profile and diva doesn't show there. So where did the author confusion come from?

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One Response to Who am I?

  1. deviousdiva says:

    You have to change your name! Before you post. there is a section under “post author” where you set your name. I think that should work. If you do it once, it should be the default after that.

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