I haven't set up categories yet. Any suggestions?

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  1. deviousdiva says:

    I have a few suggestions for categories for now.
    State Reports
    Voter Registation

  2. Karen Lee says:

    Yes! Add them. (But see below, State Reports as sub-category of Election 2006)

    And, can we move this Categories post into the Setting Up category?

    Can we title our main groupings of categories in CAPS as in next suggestion?
    And add a few from HELADA website under ISSUES:
    Environment (w/subcategories??)
    sub-Global Warming

    Daniel, can we also organize the election categories along the lines of:
    Election 2006
    sub-State Reports
    (replace Gubernatorial here and list states???)
    sub-Dem Strategy & Policy
    sub-Eye on GOP

    Let’s see what happens if we move these things.

    Also, those Daniel posts on Strategy, Governors Races, etc now show as Karen Lee postings. Well, it never rains but what it pours. 😉

  3. Karen Lee says:

    Oh, duh. Categories already IS under the Setting Up heading. How typical of me! 😉

  4. deviousdiva says:

    I have added all the categories (except the ones for Daniel to add). Note that they do not show up until there is a post under them. Much to my annoyance sub-cats do not show up as that. Shall we leave CAPS for main categories and lowercase for subs? We can maybe find a way of ordering them so they will show the hierarchy better…. I’ll work on it.

  5. Karen Lee says:

    I thought Daniel had managed to shove a couple of categories under a main heading. Might be wrong. Daniel?

    The problem might be solved by alphabetizing but simple ABC will land Elections before Events with Strategies way down the list. Ideally, similar/related categories would be grouped together for ease of finding.

    OR, we might try a numbering prefix, and then set the display to order categories accordingly. Is this possible?
    01 Meetings
    01 Minutes
    01 Events
    01 Projects

    02 Dem Party
    02 Dem Strategies
    02 Dems Abroad
    02 State Reports

    Or if we could find a way to get all 50 on without cluttering up the page …

    03 State – AL
    03 State – FL
    03 State – NH
    03 State – OH

    Let’s think on this a bit more, but I’m sure we can rationalize the display so it’s easy to use.

  6. Karen Lee says:

    We learn from making mistakes, right? Okay, I just posted a rather long article. Couldn’t find a suitable category, couldn’t think of one either (lifestyle? mentality? war on fear?) Settled for ‘philosophy’.

    I tried to create it as a subcategory by writing in the ‘add’ box at the top of categories on the ‘write post’ page … ISSUES,Philosophy. It seems to have created yet another Issues category PLUS the Philosophy one it’s under. Or is there still only one Issues category?

    This may take a litte experimenting, heh heh.

  7. Karen Lee says:

    As promised, for the geological record …

    Uh, some of the muddy water is clearing … maybe. Does this seem like a fair assessment:

    Cassi noted that categories don’t show up till there are posts under them. I, cannily enough, noted that there are only four categories showing on the home page, and assumed you had taken them down. BUT when I went to write a post, there was the whole list of categories. Aha! The categories EXIST, but don’t show. So we need to get some posts under them. Okay.

    Daniel, do you have an identity now? Er, username/nickname? Because after you edited MY posts to show from Karen Lee (instead of ddiva), so did YOUR posts appear to come from Karen Lee. Let’s be fair to yourself; you post some really cool stuff! (which I would be proud to take credit for, but my mother raised an honor-freak)

    Cassi, here’s a potential FAQ: I get email notice whenever someone comments on one of MY posts. Can we open it up so that all posts, plus maybe a count of comments, can come to all who request (like CommonDreams index of its articles)? Or do we simply need to set it up for RSS and let each member decide which feeds they want? (Uh, no, I haven’t played with the RSS buttons on the home page. But I will.)

    Here’s my last FAQ: Why do I keep sending email instead of posting to the blog, Setting Up? (Okay, I’m going to post this so it will be there in the record. Double, double, toil and trouble!)

  8. deviousdiva says:

    Sorry for the confusion, Karen. I thought I had emailed you to say that I changed the names on the posts from deviousdiva to Karen Lee because I thought the posts were from you! My mistake.
    So we all have names now? Cool. I don’t have time to work on the FAQ for a few days but please feel free to edit change and add to what I’ve written. I agree the style is perhaps not what is needed. I’m not hot on writing tech stuff. Lists are better. (to edit you need to go to “manage” and hit “pages”. Select “edit” for FAQ. I wanted to get on with the rss FAQ as soon as possible because that will work for people who want to get notice of new posts. Both Firefox and Safari have rss readers built in now. Not sure about other browsers. There are some good stand-alone applications too. I will get onto that when I can unless you feel up to it!

    Things are moving…

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