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From Center for American Progress

STATE WATCH — TABOR BACKERS RESORT TO UNDERHANDED TACTICS: Across the country, right-wing activists are launching campaigns to impose a so-called "Taxpayer's Bill of Rights" (TABOR) on the states. TABOR arbitrarily caps "increases in state spending based on only two factors — population growth and the consumer price index." Continue reading

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U.S. Learns to Live with Less Freedom

Published on Monday, June 19, 2006 by the Toronto Star / Canada


by Tim Harper 

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire – The fierce cultural aversion to the long reach of government is emblazoned on every licence plate here, an omnipresent statement that should make Rich Tomasso's job easier.  But even a man who makes it his business to protect individual liberties in a state where no government would dare collect a sales tax or personal income tax — or force a seatbelt around a driver or a helmet on a motorcyclist — has to face some harsh realities in George W. Bush's America. Continue reading

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How to join

I have begun work on a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page for the blog. You can find it on the top right hand corner of the site. I will add as much information as I can manage over the next few days but please feel free to ask questions here (in the comments under this post) that you would like to have answered (on the technical side of things, not the answers to "life the universe and everything" which I may not be able to help you with!) Look forward to trying to figure it all out.

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The Democratic Strategist

One of the most interesting developments in the Democratic circles this year is a new on-line journal, The Democratic Strategist. Stan Greenberg, William Galston and Ruy Teixeira are behind this interesting project that has the potential of creating a much-needed long-term intellectual platform for our party. This endeavor will not play much of a role in this year’s elections or maybe even the 2012 one, but it could have a long-lasting impact on both the Democratic election and governing philosophy; let’s just hope it will not turn into an academic experiment in futility. Another risk is the potential DLC and New Democrat bias inherent as 2 of the founders are centrist Democrats, though you can also find left-wing voices in the person of Jerome Armstrong of fame and one of the contributors to this new site. Ruy Teixeira wrote a much read book, The Emerging Democratic Majority, a very hopeful and self-fulfilling prophecy for Democrats. In his book, Teixeira presents very persuasive arguments and polling data in support of his assertion….unfortunately this coming majority was derailed and delayed significantly by 9/11 and by Bush’s brilliant appropriation and manipulation of the ‘war on terror.’ Check out the first issue.


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Conservatives pundits abandoning BUSH

Read this Atlantic Monthly article about how conservatism failed as a political ideology during Bush's reign in DC and how conservatives pundits are jumping ship:

"Eager to salvage conservatism from the wreckage of conservative rule, right-wing pundits are furiously blaming right-wing politicians for failing to adhere to right-wing convictions. Libertarians such as Bruce Bartlett fret that under Republican control, government has not shrunk, as conservatives prescribe, but has grown. Insiders like Peggy Noonan complain that Republicans have become–well, insiders; they are too focused on retaining power and too disconnected from the base whose anger pushed them into power. Idealistic younger conservatives bewail the care and feeding of the K Street beast. Paleocons Pat Buchanan and Robert Novak blame neocons William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer for the debacle that is Iraq. Through all these laments there pulsates a sense of desperation: A conservative president and an even more conservative Congress must be repudiated to enable genuine conservatism to survive. Sure, the Bush administration has failed, all these voices proclaim. But that is because Bush and his Republican allies in Congress borrowed big government and foreign-policy idealism from the left. The ideas of Woodrow Wilson and John Maynard Keynes, from their point of view, have always been flawed. George W. Bush and Tom DeLay just prove it one more time."

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Gubernatorial races in 2006

In the 2006 gubernatorial elections, incumbent Democrats face the toughest challenges in such states as:

  • Illinois: Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D) is running against Judy Baar Topinka (R) and the polls are pretty tight, with a slight advantage to Blagojevich.
  • Maine: Gov. John Baldacci (D) is below 50 percent in most polls, which is always a bad sign for an incumbent, especially in a state who likes to elect Independents.
  • Michigan: Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D), former darling of the Democratic Party is now surprisingly vulnerable to the GOP’s Dick DeVos.
  • Oregon: Gov. Ted Kulongoski (D) is not very popular and is now in a close contest with Republican Ron Saxton.
  • Pennsylvania: Gov. Ed Rendell's (D) is vulnerable against GOP's former NFL star Lynn Swann.
  • Wisconsin: Gov. Jim Doyle (D) is in a virtually tied race with GOP Congressman Mark Green.
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Who am I?

Okay, I've set up 'Setting Up' as a category where we can call post stuff like this, that has to do with getting the site up, running, and, um, reasonable.

Among the reasonable things I just uncovered is that admin can change the category of a post in the editing dialogue, by ticking on/off the desired category, in the same way you select a category when posting. Cool.

Among the unreasonable … I think that first post 'Categories' was shown under my name, until I moved it to 'Setting Up'. Then it showed as being posted by deviousdiva. Hmm. Who am I? Do I need ego work? I checked my profile and diva doesn't show there. So where did the author confusion come from?

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I haven't set up categories yet. Any suggestions?

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This is a post by Devious Diva

Ok the blog is still here and I got my invitation. No problem. Shallow/steep learning curves suck I agree. But you know it's only been a couple of hours so you're doing great. I would suggest at least for the first post, the test, you can try out stuff and ask questions. Test out your delete facilities with the Hello World post! I will try and post later or tomorrow to see how you can control this stuff. Call me with any queries (on the mobile) I'm out tomorrow. Will be here a while because I hardly sleep! Happy hunting!! DD. Delete this once you get it.

It all seems to be working fine. I am now a user. i am testing a new category "test posts". Delete when you need to.

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